About 4K

Family run farm

About 4K

4K Farms was established in 2014, and named after our family! Kent, Kassie and thier two daughters Klair and Karla.

The Homestead is located near the small town of Swalwell, Alberta. Where Pigs, Rabbits, Chickens and a small numbers of cattle are raised.

4K raises animals without the use of antibiotics, they are fed a 100% plant based diet free of animal by-products.


Kent was born and raised in Calgary AB, his grandmother and grandfather owned a farm in Delia AB where they farmed wheat. Kent spent all of his summers growing up on the farm helping his grandfather and learning all he could.

Kassie was also born and raised in Calgary AB, although she was a “city girl”. Never spending a single day on a farm or near livestock. Growing up in Calgary didn’t leave her without animal knowledge, Kassie volunteered with several animal rescue groups and based her entire youth surrounded with animals.

Kent and Kassie met in High School and became “high school sweethearts”, In 2005 they welcomed their first daughter Klair to the world.

The two decided that they needed to prepare a strong future for klair, with minimum wage jobs and a new baby the two decided to take a chance at opening a labour company. Kent and Kassie invested all their finances into their new dream.

O’Brien interiors Inc is still operational today, with several employees to over see Kent wakes up every morning and heads to Calgary to put in a full days worth of hard labor.

In 2010 Kent and Kassie invested into the purchase of their first home, shortly after taking possession  the family welcomed their second daughter Karla into the world. Over the next couple years Kents grandfather grew ill, and eventually became hospitalized.

In 2014 the decision was made to sell their house in Airdrie and invest in some land closer to Kents grandfather who was now located in Drumhellar.

In an attempt to teach the family how to “eat right” Kassie purchased a pig, the plan was to fatten her up. On a regular morning Kassie went out to feed her pig, and stumbled across a surprise…..

Ezmerelda had given birth to 3 little piglets!

From there the farm grew, soon after purchasing their boar Zuckerman, and several sows.