4K Distributors

We have chosen to stick with ONE distributer to keep the integrity and sustainability of our product.

at 4K we feel that if we where distributing our product with many distributers our product would no longer be a specialty offered to only the best chefs, If we had several distributors everyone would be serving small amounts of 4K and we fear that would push our product into being over saturated the culinary world.

Sustainability is a HUGE deal for 4K Farms!

As a small producer it is unrealistic for us to kill 100 pigs a month to supply several distributors, even with all our partnered producers there is no way this can be accomplished.  This is what keeps 4K Farms a specialty product!

You can purchase 4K products wholesale or retail through Community Wholesale Meats.




4K Farms

Box 144

Swalwell, AB  T0M 1Y0

Phone: 403-397-3236

email: farms4K@hotmail.com

We look forward to hearing from you!