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4K Products – Enjoy 4K at home

4K Products


Berkshire and Heritage pigs raised on pasture!

After diving into the pig business in 2014, we discovered Alberta is full of small pork producers who like us raise Berkshire and heritage breed pigs outside on pasture. Creating a sustainable business as one family based farm isn’t easy, and when you “grow” it becomes much more complicated to raise high quality pork.

We believe that slow food, means SLOW so partnering up with Albertas local pasture pork producers was a must to ensure quantity without losing the quality of meat produced by raising the pig slowly.

4K pork is raised on a natural plant based diet of wheat, peas and barley. Pigs are raised without the use of antibiotics. The use of Growth Hormones is not permitted for pigs in Canada.


4K farms works extremely close with Albertas top beef producers.

4K approved beef is raised on pasture without the use of growth hormones!

While we do have cattle on the 4K Farm it is impossible for us to meet demands without partnering up with other Alberta small produers.


Like our pigs our Chickens are a heritage breed who enjoys spending their nights in a tall pine tree!

All 4k chickens and 4K approved chickens are raised on pasture and fed a strict plant based diet. Chickens are raised without the use of antibiotics, like the pigs growth hormones are not permitted in Canada for the use in Chickens.


4K Rabbits are raised in colonies! All our rabbits are raised in the grass and dirt where a rabbit can be a rabbit!

Due to the high demand of rabbit meat we are having a very difficult time filling all the orders and are currently looking for small producers who would like to join our 4K approved program.