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About 4K

Family run farm 4K Farms was established in 2014, and named after our family! Kent, Kassie and thier two daughters Klair and Karla. The Homestead is located near the small town of Swalwell, Alberta. Where Pigs, Rabbits, Chickens and a small numbers of cattle are raised. 4K raises animals without the use of antibiotics, they are […]

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4K Products

HERITAGE PORK Purebred Berkshire and Heritage pigs raised on pasture! After diving into the pig business in 2014, we discovered Alberta is full of small pork producers who like us raise Berkshire and heritage breed pigs outside on pasture. Creating a sustainable business as one family based farm isn’t easy, and when you “grow” it […]

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Great Pyrenees Puppies

Great Pyrenees Puppies arrived April 1st, 2019!!! ***Only 2 Males left We are excited to announce that Bud and Daisy have welcomed a litter of puppies to the farm!! Both Daisy and Bud have excellent temperaments, they where both born and raised as working dogs on farms with Pigs, Sheep, Chicken and Goats!! All puppies […]

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4K Distributors

We have chosen to stick with ONE distributer to keep the integrity and sustainability of our product. at 4K we feel that if we where distributing our product with many distributers our product would no longer be a specialty offered to only the best chefs, If we had several distributors everyone would be serving small […]

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Baby pigs are the best!

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